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Medical Marijuana Certifications in the State of Missouri

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Very good care!
Absolutely great! They made things so easy. The doctor was great and a young lady named Sandra, she made things happen. Doctors are so very knowledgeable. This is the place! I highly recommend.
The interview went really smoothly. I was surprised at how fast and easy the whole process was!
Dr. Ken is amazing! Great experience!!!!
They are very fast, but also thorough and caring. Asking questions about how you got where you are at very personable and friendly. It is a very easy process. Anthony was great!
I had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Margherita and the Midwest Cannabis Clinic last year and had a follow-up for a recert recently. They take the time to listen to what's actually going on with you and recommend the best possible treatment. If you're stressing about contacting a doctor to get this process started, you don't have to with Dr. Margherita. He and his staff are easy to work with and will walk you through everything. I would highly recommend them! They are great!